Act 1, Scene 1. Let’s go!

We have been looking at “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare lately and I figured I should post something about this piece. The mood of Act 1 Scene 1 is one of sorrow, anger and suspense. How he managed to establish the mood by using something called iambic parameters, which is essentially a text with stress on every alternate syllable. It is also called blank verse. Hamlet is known to have most of its story in such blank verse. An interesting fact is that the plays were acted out in broad daylight, meaning they had to create the impression of night while being soaked in the sun. They managed that quite nicely in Act 1 Scene 1 at least. They used words as: Good night, t’illume that part of heaven, ‘tis now struck twelve, get thee to bed, tonight, minutes of the night, ‘tis bitter cold and usurp’st this time of night.


Popular Mechanics

I chose this story because of it has a weird form of communicating. It shows how a divorce can destroy a child, like literally ripped in half. It shows the hurt a child can go through while their parents are divorcing. It also shows how the parents cares for the children as well as not caring if their hearts get broken in the process. It is a short-story which brings thoughtfulness and questions to the mind. It is a story I can’t comprehend.

Welcome to me and I.

First of; Hi!

Welcome to my blog, its now 3rd year of my course and I have ended up with literature and culture english. Why, you may ask? Why of course, it’s an amazing subject with amazing people.

Okay, on a more serious note. I love the english language, it is a way to express myself in a more detailed manor than with norwegian. It’s almost like art, you can create your own personal bubble with stories you find and create endless of worlds by reading a book. It is not a matter of why I chose this subject, it is how I want to use this subject to further myself as a person and how I want to percive this world we live in.

My expectations to this year is the same as last year’s. To have fun, to enjoy what time we have in this class to the fullest. To manage to learn each other new words. Even if it means teaching my fellow classmate one wofd during this semester. To have a great class society is the one thing I want us to have, where we include everyone. To Hanna I want to say, be yourself. You make every class you are a teacher in, love the class, even if they don’t like the subject. I’ve talked to several students so I know this is true.

My wish is only to have a meal at the start at the days we only have English. I saw that it did a BIG impact last year, so I hope we can continue the tradition and have as much fun as last year even if Liban and Hamza can’t make food for us.

My favourite book is most probably “Assassins apprentice” by Robin Hobbs. She is a talented writer who have written great books, this one especially. It’s about a boy who are given away to his father, who is a prince, because of the poverty of his mother. The boy is of royal blood, but is still a bastard. He goes through challenges, finding the way of life of a bastard. One of the royals tries to get him killed due to him being the successor if the boy doesn’t live.

It’s a book about love, hope, despair and hopelessness and I cant say it is not well written. It is one of the hundreds of books I’ve read and I am still reading it for fun.

Damage control is our only option.

The world is facing a huge issue, the animal and plant life has decreased 20 percent the last century. There is no way back, but as Jack Rice said: “At this point our options are all about damage control.”

Species such as Bengal tigers, wild bees, Arabian oryx, Seychelles magpie robin are particularly at risk. They are listed as nearly extinct, having a population of under at least 1000. We humans are not helping, we have and are always thinking of ourselves. We have been poaching, farming and fishing as well as mining wherever we want. We have never considered the other incredible species we share the earth with. We are not the only who are roaming this earth and we should wake up and realize that we cannot do what we want without consequences. Africa holds millions of species, and is at a risk at all times, but we cannot make the whole country into a national park, so we need to create new solutions.

We are helping the destruction of our planet, but some of the governments in the world have began to take responsibility and taken action. We have to curb wasteful consumption, especially in i-lands. We need to slim down the agriculture’s environmental footprint and crack down on the illegal logging and fishing. In new decisions, especially inside trade and infrastructure, we need to build biodiversity considerations into those projects.

The Sumerian tiger has a population of 400. It is insane to think of how such a beautiful subspecies is endangered. The poaching and deforestation is destroying the natural of this species which is described as tropical broad-leaf evergreen forests, freshwater swamp forests and peat swamps. Despise the effort in conserving these tigers, the hunters are still killing them.


Diplomatic immunity, a danger or a necessity?

“Diplomatic immunity is​ the special rights that diplomats have while working in a country that is not their own, such as freedom from legal action.”, this quote is taken from the Cambridge Dictionary. It gives diplomats, like the South African diplomat who caused an traffic accident in 2016, a free passage through the legal system.

It is unjust and can be fatal in the wrong hands. To not bring justice to the people, diplomat or not, is not morally right. It is the victims’ right to have their wrongdoers apprehended and punished accordingly. There is no “but’s”, no “what if?”, there is a fine line which is called the law, and everyone should follow them. No man or woman is more important than the law.

Comedians with immigration backgrounds.

Do you think other immigrants can recognise the challenges the two talk about being an immigrant or part of an immigrant family? Why? Why not?

Can we learn something about being an immigrant watching these shows? Explain.

Hasan and Trevor are comedians from different immigration backgrounds, Hasan was born in America while Trevor was born in south Africa. In some of their countless stand-up shows, Hasan talks about how it is to be a part of an immigrant family and Trevor talks about racism in America. Therefore, will this blog post focus on how I think immigrants would react or even relate to the challenges they talk about, and if we can learn anything from these shows.

In Hasan’s stand-up show, he mainly talk about the challenges in growing up with Indian parents. He tells us about how immigrants, especially parents, puts pressure on each other on the terms of grades and high education. He tells us about how it was hard to get a close relationship with his father because of the culture they brought with them from India. I think that other immigrants closely relates to these statements, even I can relate to the last one. It is hard to form a close relationship when they want you to, for example, focus on your grades or that they focus too much on their jobs. So, I feel that we can learn to appreciate much from their shows.

In Trevor’s show, however, he talks about new experiences and racism. He talks about how he first got to taste tacos with his best buddy, and the confusion that brought with it. Not long after he transitions into the topic: racism. He mentions his experiences and how he react to comments, and how to deal with them nicely. If there is something to take from it, it is that there is always a way to manage situations better. There is something he said that I want to bring with me; “You cannot control how others act, but you can control how you react.” .

The letters of Eddie and Langston.

In the letters between Eddie and Langston, they are referring to an incident where two police officers opened fire on a black man. The officers apprehended the victim with a gun and panicked.

The message in the letters they wrote to each other is to stay careful. There is still racial issues in America, and they will not be gone in a while. Meanwhile, they want to fight, to stay alive and to not fear. They give each other courage and hope for a future, but also wishes they were younger to relive the happy days.

The impression I get from the letters is that the American society is disunified. There is still much to work on, and they got to start a dialogue between police officers and people of colour. It will stay a problem until one of the sides decides to do anything about it. I hope they decide soon, because many lives are at stake here.